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  • How are you ensuring safety with reusable straws during COVID-19?
    In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking great care to ensure that all orders recieve sanitation measures in line with CDC guidelines. In addition, we are offering a free cleaning basket with every commercial order. Our perforated baskets fit all industrial dishwashers to ensure that your straws are just as sanitized as the silverware and glassware you are using.
  • What are Drink Stainless reusable metal straws made of?
    Our straws are made of 304 food grade stainless steel which make them resistant to corrosion. Our straws are tasteless and odorless, and also BPA free.
  • How are stainless steel straws more financially beneficial than single use straws?
    Not only are our stainless steel straws sanitary, but they are also cost-effective for your business. Single-use straws are a recurring expense on your books that can be wiped away with one order of reusable straws. When branded with your logo, they make a great addition to any to-go beverage kits you may be offering during this time. This also increases your brand recognition every time your client uses the straw.
  • How do you clean metal straws?
    For individual use we recommend rinsing the straw as soon as you are finished using it. Our straw brushes are perfect for cleaning straws after a thicker beverages such as smoothies. We also offer perforated cutlery style baskets for commercial and industrial use that attach inside most high powered dishwashers. Our baskets allows for multiple straws to be thoroughly cleaned in a high turnover setting.
  • Why metal straws? What about bamboo, paper, hay or other compostable straws?"
    Simply put, sustainability. Our stainless steel straws are reusable and recyclable, while these other options are still single-use items. Paper straws have to be bleached or dyed to achieve the desired colors that are offered. These particles can dissolve and break off into your beverage. Hay straws float and crack easily, often requiring two or more to get adequate suction. Bamboo straws have actually been found to contain plastic as a coating to avoid splintering. Simply put, stainless steel makes the most sense.
  • What is the standard straw size?
    8.5" is the most common reusable straw size ordered. This is the same length as most bulk packaged single use plastic straws. We offer several other sizes and can provide custom length and diameter to meet all of your needs.
  • Can we put our logo on the straw? Where would it be?
    Yes! Our custom order form will allow you to upload your artwork and provide any information relative to the design. For placement, the simple answer is anywhere. Most logos are etched above the grooved lines near the top of the straw. Some customers however have required logos at the bottom and the middle of the metal straw.
  • What is the turnaround time once an order is placed?
    Turnaround time varies with each individual project. Most orders of stock sizes and colors will ship within 2 weeks from the order being placed. Custom straw orders that require logo etching, custom packaging, and/or custom lengths and widths can vary between 3 - 4 weeks.
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